Helpful Information About Getting Sod For Your Landscape

Are you tired of looking at your unappealing landscape that is covered in dirt? You might want to consider investing in sod for your landscape, as it comes along with a variety of benefits to take advantage of. Find in this article a few helpful things about sod that will help you decide if you want to get it for your landscape or not. What Are the Pros of Getting Sod for a Landscape? Read More 

Four Tall Flower Varieties To Use Along A Fence Or In The Back Of Garden Beds

When you're designing your landscape, it's important to pay close attention to the heights of the flowers you choose. When planting along a fence or in the back of a garden bed, it's best to have taller flowers so that they can be seen easily in spite of whatever you choose to place in front of them. There are many varieties of tall flowers to choose from, but here's a look at four that are easy to grow and care for. Read More 

Need A Sprinkler Head Replaced? Do It Yourself With These Simple Steps

If you have never worked on your own sprinkler system before and suddenly discover soggy ground around your sprinkler head, you'll need to have that replaced. If you don't have this done in a timely manner, you could end up seeing higher water bills and the turf in the area could die from too much water. However, you can replace the head yourself and this guide shows you how. Step 1: Have Your Tools Handy Read More 

Canadian Geese Invading Your Pond? Keep Them Out With These Landscaping Ideas

Canadian geese can become big problems when they invade your backyard pond. Although Canadian geese won't eat your fish, they can use the plants and grass you have placed around your pond as food and to build their nests. Geese are also known to dabble or sip pond water when there's no other water source around. In addition, geese droppings can make your pond uninhabitable for your fish. You can deter geese from picking, pecking or eating the plants and grass around your pond with these landscaping ideas below. Read More 

Draining Water Away From A Puddle In Your Backyard

If you're like most people, you love hanging out in your backyard to entertain or just to lounge around in a comfortable and beautiful space. Most of the time you don't have a problem, but if you have a low spot in your yard, you might notice a puddle after a rain shower. Fixing the drainage in your backyard is relatively easy and this guide explains what you'll need to do. Read More