How To Choose Plants That Will Survive In Your Climate

Are you tired of your plants dying? Do you want easy to maintain options? The key is to this to get plants that are adapted to your climate. But how do you go about this? Here are a few tips. Know your Planting Zone The US climate is divided into planting zones. Knowing your planting zone is the first step towards finding the right plants for your climate. Your climate covers your soil type, drainage, amount of sunlight, and amount of rainfall in your area. Read More 

What Could Go Wrong With Your Drip Line Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation is designed to save water while ensuring that your grass, plants, and shrubs get the water they need. Unfortunately, if the irrigation system is not properly put together, problems can ensue. If you are installing a drip irrigation system at your home, here are some mistakes that could lead to problems. Failing to Install a Filter Ideally, the water that is used in your lawn is clean. However, some local water suppliers periodically flush their water systems, which can result in debris being pushed through your irrigation system. Read More 

Ask Your Contractor These Questions When You Need Your Driveway Paved

When you finally make the decision to have your driveway paved, it's prudent to talk to other homeowners in your community to get the names of some contractors who come highly recommended. Armed with this list, you can then phone up a few paving professionals to discuss your needs, schedule an in-person visit to obtain an estimate and ask any questions you may have about the work. By repeating this process with a few contractors, you should be able to narrow down the paving professional with whom you feel most comfortable and move forward with scheduling the job. Read More 

Thinking About Adding Trees To Your Landscape? 3 Reasons You Should

As a homeowner, before you add things, it is smart to put a great deal of thought into the pros and cons. Adding something to the landscape can have a substantial impact on your experience in the backyard, front yard, and even inside the home. Although you have quite a few options for features that you can add to your landscape, one of the most beneficial features to introduce is trees. Read More 

Taking A Closer Look At Drip Irrigation Systems

If you live in an area that does not get enough precipitation to nurture healthy plant growth, an irrigation system is an ideal solution. However, irrigation systems are well-known to use a lot of water and in some places, their use can even be prohibited during times of drought. As an alternate solution that is more readily accepted by property owners, drip irrigation systems are a good choice. If you have been looking into good ways to supply your property, landscape, or garden with adequate moisture for growth, it is likely that drip irrigation systems will bring about a few questions. Read More