How To Choose Plants That Will Survive In Your Climate

Are you tired of your plants dying? Do you want easy to maintain options? The key is to this to get plants that are adapted to your climate. But how do you go about this? Here are a few tips.

Know your Planting Zone

The US climate is divided into planting zones. Knowing your planting zone is the first step towards finding the right plants for your climate. Your climate covers your soil type, drainage, amount of sunlight, and amount of rainfall in your area.

To find out your planting zone, visit the US Department of Agriculture (USDA) website for the plant hardiness map. Zones 3-5 are cold while zones 8-10 are warmer. Most landscaping services will label plants according to zones so it should not be too difficult to find plants appropriate to your zone.

Plant All-climate Plants

Some plants will survive all types of climate. Consider adding a few of these to your garden. Roses can do well in virtually all climates. Daylilies are resistant to insects and drought. Plant different varieties to ensure you have flowers all year round. Sedum is drought, disease and bug resistant, it also attracts bees so it is good for the rest of your garden.

Plant perennial Plants

Unlike annual plants that die in winter, perennial plants will go dormant in winter and resurface in warm weather. Having said that, there are plants that are specific to certain climatic conditions as follows:

Desert Plants

Plants with a great water retention capacity tend to do well in a desert climate. Cacti are especially good at this; they store water in their leaves and stalks and are naturally adapted to desert conditions. Not all cacti will do though. Go specifically for cacti that grow in desert conditions rather than those that thrive in cooler climates.

Most bean producing plants are resistant to dry weather and also help in fixing nitrogen into the soil. Examples include mesquite, paloverde, acacia, and ironwood. Shrubs such as Texas Ranger produce colorful flowers in blue, purple, white, and rose in summer. Others include Chihuahuan sage and compact ranger.

Cold Weather Plants

You need hardy plants that will survive a harsh cold climate. Some examples include Camella, hellebore, paper birch, and winterberry.

Cool Weather Plants

If you live in cool weather conditions, go for the lily of the valley, geranium, coral bells, or bee balm.

For further assistance on zone-specific plants, contact a company like Urban Paradise Landscaping. They could also help you with planting and maintenance.