What Could Go Wrong With Your Drip Line Irrigation System?

Drip irrigation is designed to save water while ensuring that your grass, plants, and shrubs get the water they need. Unfortunately, if the irrigation system is not properly put together, problems can ensue. If you are installing a drip irrigation system at your home, here are some mistakes that could lead to problems.

Failing to Install a Filter

Ideally, the water that is used in your lawn is clean. However, some local water suppliers periodically flush their water systems, which can result in debris being pushed through your irrigation system. Some of the debris can be harmful to your lawn. Over time, the debris can even build up and cause clogs in your irrigation system.

To avoid this, you need to install a filter on your irrigation system. To ensure you get a filter that properly fits your system, buy it at the time that you buy the other irrigation supplies. Check for compatibility using the packaging.

Forgetting the Pressure Regulator

The water pressure in your system can sometimes fluctuate. When this happens, it could result in some zones in your lawn getting more or less water than is needed. If the water is too high, the fittings can start to fall apart and you will have to replace them.

An easy way to prevent this from happening is to install a pressure regulator on your system. Once you set the pressure for the water, the regulator will ensure that it remains constant throughout its use.

Opting for Low Quality Parts

To save on their irrigation systems, some homeowners buy low quality parts to build their systems. What they might not realize is that the constant use of the system and the exposure to the environment can cause significant wear and tear on it. If you are using cheap parts, the system might not last long.

A great way to ensure you get an irrigation system that has a long lifespan and meets your needs, choose your irrigation supplies based on the quality and not just the cost. Even if your budget is limited, you can still find supplies of good quality within your range.

Work with your landscaper to ensure your drip line irrigation system is what you need it to be. You also need to work with someone knowledgeable in selecting parts for the irrigation supplies to guarantee they are high quality. You can check out irrigation supplies with a company like Alberta Outdoor Supply.