Thinking About Adding Trees To Your Landscape? 3 Reasons You Should

As a homeowner, before you add things, it is smart to put a great deal of thought into the pros and cons. Adding something to the landscape can have a substantial impact on your experience in the backyard, front yard, and even inside the home. Although you have quite a few options for features that you can add to your landscape, one of the most beneficial features to introduce is trees.

It is ideal to know the reasons why such an addition is good for your home before making a decision.

Increase Your Home's Value and Appeal

If you live in a starter home, you will love what a tree can do to your property in terms of value. Homes with trees in between the sidewalk and street sell at an average of $7,000 higher. This is just one example of how planting a tree on your landscape can have a positive impact on your property.

It takes time to grow a tree, so you cannot expect to reap the benefits in a year or two. But, trees like the Hybrid Poplar and the Weeping Willow can grow as quickly as eight feet per year. It is best to look at your plant hardiness zone before picking a tree as native ones will always fare better than non-native trees.

Enjoy Natural Shade for the Property

If you want to add shade to your backyard, you have the ability to grow trees to accomplish this goal. It is possible to grow a small tree just to protect a patio space in the backyard, or you can plant a tree with a large canopy to cover a patio and part of your home to bring down your energy costs. If you do not have a garage and park your car in the driveway, a front yard tree can protect the paint from oxidizing.

Invite Wildlife to Your Property

One of the greatest ways to make your property a more enjoyable place to live is to invite wildlife. The most important detail to consider when adding trees to your landscape for this purpose is to go native. Since the ecosystem of your area thrives because it lives off of the native plants and trees, you want to imitate this on your property by planting the same trees that can be found in nearby groves or forests.

Whether it is enjoyment, financial benefits, or comfort that you seek, trees can provide them all. To learn more about trees and paving stone patios done by All Terrain Landscaping Ltd, contact a company near you.