Helpful Information About Getting Sod For Your Landscape

Are you tired of looking at your unappealing landscape that is covered in dirt? You might want to consider investing in sod for your landscape, as it comes along with a variety of benefits to take advantage of. Find in this article a few helpful things about sod that will help you decide if you want to get it for your landscape or not.

What Are the Pros of Getting Sod for a Landscape?

The best pro about getting sod is that you will be able to enjoy a beautiful yard of grass without having to wait for it to grow. The grass is grown in advance and will continue to grow as long as it is taken care. Another pro about having sod in your landscape is that you won't have to worry about weeds taking over the beauty of the grass, as it is fertilized and treated for weeds before being sold to the public. You will also benefit from sod if you don't like the idea of watering grass on a regular basis, as sod does not require a large amount of water to remain healthy. You will also find that sod is usually lusher than lawns with grass that was grown via planting seeds.

Are There Any Cons to Consider for Sod?

One of the biggest cons of sod is that you will have to spend more money to get it than if you were to buy seeds. However, the money spent upfront is worth it in the long run because you won't have to invest in doing a lot of weed control. Another con is that you might find it difficult to install sod, but a professional can get the job done in no time. You should also consider that sometimes sod doesn't take root as it should and must be removed for more sod to be installed.

What Does It Cost to Get Sod for a Landscape?

The price for sod depends on how many square foot your lawn is and if you intend on installing it on your own. If you buy and install the sod, you are looking at an estimated price of up to $0.30 per square foot. Hiring a professional to install sod for you can cost as much as $0.60 per square foot, but the price includes the sod. Speak to a contractor about installing sod in your lawn as soon as possible!