Canadian Geese Invading Your Pond? Keep Them Out With These Landscaping Ideas

Canadian geese can become big problems when they invade your backyard pond. Although Canadian geese won't eat your fish, they can use the plants and grass you have placed around your pond as food and to build their nests. Geese are also known to dabble or sip pond water when there's no other water source around. In addition, geese droppings can make your pond uninhabitable for your fish. You can deter geese from picking, pecking or eating the plants and grass around your pond with these landscaping ideas below.

Place Landscaping Boulders and Tall Plants Around Your Pond

Canadian geese frequent landscapes that provide easy access to ponds, lakes and other small bodies of water. If you cut and manicure your lawn often, you make it even easier for geese to view everything that you have placed on your property, including your pond. Placing large landscaping boulders and tall plants around the pond deters Canadian geese from going near it.

Geese can grow up to 43 inches in height, depending on their sex and age. The birds' impressive heights make it easier for them to see your pond from across the property.

To keep your pond out of the birds' viewing range, choose boulders and plants that are several inches taller than the geese. If the geese can't see over your obstacles, they can't find your pond.

In addition, geese have natural predators, such as coyotes and bears, that hide behind large or tall obstacles. Although you may not have these animals living on your property, the geese won't know this. However, you can place lifelike sculptors of the geese's predators in your landscape to help keep them away from your pond.

Strategically Place Lifelike Sculptures of Predators Around the Pond

Your landscaping supplier may offer sculptures and statues of wildlife animals you can use to deter geese. If the supplier does offer these landscaping decorations, choose sculptures and statues that have realistic features. Look through a Canadian wildlife guide for information on coyotes and other predators of geese before you buy your items.

After you find your realistic decorations, place them in areas around the landscape and pond that attract geese the most. Change the positions of the statues and sculptures periodically to prevent the geese from getting used to the decorations.

If you need more ideas on how to keep geese out of your pond or landscape, contact a pond supplier, such as Peel Landscape Depot sells landscape supplies, today for additional guidance.