Draining Water Away From A Puddle In Your Backyard

If you're like most people, you love hanging out in your backyard to entertain or just to lounge around in a comfortable and beautiful space. Most of the time you don't have a problem, but if you have a low spot in your yard, you might notice a puddle after a rain shower. Fixing the drainage in your backyard is relatively easy and this guide explains what you'll need to do.

Step 1: Determine Where You Want the Water to Flow

Choose the shortest distance from the puddle to the street or other drainage location. Then use a tape measure to find the length between the puddle and that spot.

Step 2: Collect Your Supplies

You'll need some supplies and tools to get started, so go to the home improvement store and pick up the following items:

  • a shovel
  • PVC pipe in the length you measured
  • metal mesh that's a little bigger than the diameter of the pipe
  • duct tape
  • several bags of rock
  • grass seed (optional)

Step 3: Dig a Trench

Dig a small hole about a couple inches below ground level at the spot where water is pooling with the shovel. Gradually increase the depth as you work your way toward the drainage area.

The goal is to have a sloped trench so that water flows from the pooling area to the new spot.  

Step 4: Lay the Pipe

Place the PVC pipe into the hole and look at it carefully to make sure it is sloping toward the area you want to water to flow. If there are any flat spots, use the shovel to dig a little deeper until you get at least a small angle.

Step 5: Attach a Strainer

Wrap the metal mesh around the end of the pipe that's lying against the puddle spot. Wrap duct tape around the mesh and pipe to secure it into place. This is an important step because the mesh allows water to flow into the pipe, but keeps dirt and debris out at the same time.

Step 6: Lay Down the Rock

Open the bags of rock and pour them around the pipe to provide more stability of the ground and to prevent sinking soil.

Step 7: Cover the Trench

Shovel the dirt that you dug up back over the pipe.

Optional: Throw down some grass seed so that this area can fill back up and match the rest of your lawn quicker.

During the next rainfall, you'll notice that water seeps into the ground and through the pipe. This project prevents water from saturating the soil resulting in puddles. Ask your landscaper for ideas on where to route the water to if you need help. Talk to experts like Martin Landscaping for more information.